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Let’s meet around the table of reconciliation 

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Let’s meet around the table for racial understanding. Without honest conversation between the races, there is little hope for healing or progress in this area.

The Concept of Racial Equality is not a passing fad, but a call for action to achieve racial justice.

Breakfast Clubs,
Lunch Huddles,
Supper Clubs

Meetings adhere to COVID protocols provided by the Raleigh City Council. Meetings are virtual when these protocols prohibit in-person meetings.

Breakfast Clubs, Lunch Huddles, and Supper Clubs typically meet in homes once per month. Breakfast Clubs meet at 10:00 AM, Lunch Huddles meet at 11:30 AM, and Supper Clubs meet at 6:30 PM.

Occasionally, we meet at restaurants or conference rooms and attend special events together. Examples include conferences, racial healing training, social and cultural events.

What Participants Say

“A very comfortable way to get to know people that I wouldn’t otherwise get to know. They also want to know me."


“Stimulating and challenging!"


"A way to explore where my faith is leading me. Fun, but serious too! Structured, so that difficult areas can be discussed openly and honestly. A beginning step toward radial reconciliation."


“An opportunity, on an informal, in-home basis, to get to know better, folks of other colors, as opposed to a formal meeting."


“Amazing concept!"


“I cannot wait to attend

again and have more

'real' conversations with

a like-minded group."


“It’s great to be able to share your heart on the issue of race in a mixed group where blacks and whites can “be real” with on another. The fellowship over dinner is good too!"


"The Supper Club is where I’m free to communicate openly, in a non-threatening environment, It’s a place of peace, acceptance and comfort as I communicate with other brothers and sisters".