To create an environment of support and encouragement in an effort to dismantle racism and transform our city into a community that is inclusive of all people, regardless of race, gender, and socioeconomic status.

Racial Healing

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Meet at the table with others from our community for open conversations about the impact of systemic racism.  Healing occurs during a meal and includes. facilitated discussions, open dialogue, and connections with a small group of people throughout the year. Groups are established to balance races and ethnicities. Men and women are welcome to join us!



The Encouraging Place provides events for active participants, the community, and the general public throughout the year to enhance racial healing, provide service to the community, and strengthen relationships.

Pride for Parents Christmas Store


Each Christmas season, members of the Racial Healing Circles and other community partners support Pride for Parents Christmas Store, stocked through financial and gift donations. Parents may purchase gifts for their children at a reasonable price, fostering pride for parents, joy for children, and gratitude for a community that is committed to working together.